General Terms & Conditions


NOTE: Please be advised that these are the sole and complete terms and conditions governing the tour operations, supplemented only by the User Agreement. No employees of our company or our agents have the authority to amend, modify or change these conditions, and you are advised to rely on the terms "as is". Skylink reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
GST As Applicable On Total Billing(w.e.f enactment of Bill 2015):
a) Tour Package: 3.63%
b) Hotel Booking: 1.45%
c) Air tickets-Domestic: 1.20%, Air tickets-International: 1.90%
d) Misc./Visa/Passport handling: 14.50%
e) Car/Coach Rental: 5.80%

(A) Payment:
-All payments will be accepted by Cash/Payee Account Cheques/Pay Orders/D.D/Online.
-Please ensure that the cheques are timely delivered to our office for encashment since no documents would be delivered till the cheques are en- cashed.
-Please note that Cheque Bouncing Charges will be Rs.500/-.
-If payment is done through credit card/debit card additional bank charges of 2.5% & 3% for Amex Cards will be charged.

Simple Steps for Online Payment:
Step 1 : Register your Login ID & Password on
Step 2 : Click on Pay Now Option.
Step 3 : Input your Credit/Debit Card details (applicable for net banking)
Step 4 : Keep an acknowledgement receipt for your record & send your Trip Advisor a Screenshot or a Scanned copy of the same for further Processing.

(a) Pls ask for written acknowledgement for receipt of an amount from Skylink Staff.
(b) 2.5% Charges on Credit/Debit Card & 3% on AMEX extra on online payment.
Following is the Bank Account Number for RTGS or NEFT:

(B) Steps towards Booking
1. We will be sending your booking status within 2-3 working days.
2. Tickets & Hotel Voucher will be delivered prior your departure date & the case may be different if the payment has been made/cleared couple of monthsbefore travelling, travel docs can be collected upon our intimation within few days afer closure of booking.But in other case , you may receive Travel Doc/Ferry tickets/vouchers & Misc Activity upon arrival at the destination.
3. However, if Skylink team is not able o provide you a package under the quote offered, then your package amount will be refundable, but once we confirm a package offered at the same price without a fluctuation in price(with offered /similar hotels) or may be the case with client choice / request for upgradations and with prior acceptance for the changes to be paid additionally before the quotation is raised. Thereafter, non refundable service charges will apply automatically.
4. Kindly note the booking/file will get into cancellation, if balance tour cost is not made as demanded in writing/sms / phone call. Tour package/Reservation(S) shall be liable to release and the package will be treated as cancelled for not paying a balance amount. In case you fail to deposit before the expiry of the cut off date, we will be compelled to release/cancel the booking as your deposit or advance doesn’t cover the liability or other case may be the supplier would not deposit on your behalf which may result in discrepancy in booking over which Skylink Travel Pvt. Ltd. (STPL) has no control. Such cancellation shall be subject to applicable cancellation charges and advance amount collected will be adjusted towards cancellation charges. If advance amount falls short to recover entire cancellation charges the remaining cancellation charges shall be recovered as per the cancellation terms/policy applicable to the booking.
5. To process the booking, we require minimum/required/cancellation amount@25% which varies from booking to booking (subject to change depending upon type of booking /duration in travelling left/supplier & airlines criteria). But once your booking is confirmed, cancellation/service charges will be applicable & deposit will be non-refundable. Fixed Departures Packages/Promotional fares are 100% non-refundable .In case, if only deposit is paid & cancellation is higher, you will be liable to pay balance cancellation amount to STPL (Skylink Travel Pvt Ltd). Over which Skylink has no control.
6. Once the booking advance is received from a client. After an advance paid, installment / other required amount is needed to make further payment on your behalf. In case of non- receipt of payment as per dateline given /Payment reminders, STPL is not responsible for the release of hotel and other services to be booked as your behalf . Late payment by client can not guarantee the provision of same hotel mentioned at the time of confirmation / acceptance sent. Due to non- payment, there is a 100% chance to loose a booking without any further notice. We will try our best to provide similar hotel (regardless of category of package chosen). In case we are getting higher category Accommodation, client is liable to pay a difference of an amount or other option is (STPL) may not provide any option for these No. of Nights. In this case, advance amount / booking amount paid is non-refundable ,non adjustable & non-transferable. Supplier policy also applies over which STPL Skylink Travel has no control.
7. Advance amount (part of tour cost) is taken to process the booking and to secure part cancellation charges applicable in case of tour is cancelled for whatsoever reason.
8. Initiation of booking process should not be viewed as confirmation of booking. We reserve our right to call off the booking if unable to process and in that case we will only be liable to make refund of the advance amount collected, if any.
9. Balance tour cost is demanded once the package is ready before the delivery of tour package/tour component(s).
10. No booking is undertaken without cancellation charges. If there is any doubt about cancellation terms or policy applicable to your Booking please get it clarified before the advance payment is made for processing the cancellation charges.
11. Regarding accommodation, in case of non-availability, similar hotel will be provided. Your choice is important to us but once the booking is confirmed amendment /cancellation policy applies & also be noted that confirmed hotel can be different from the hotel given at the time of confirmation depending case to case. Once confirmation / acceptance letter is raised, then no changes will be accepted after 24 hours, after 24 hours amendment / cancellation policy applies over which skylink has no control because supplier policy also applies. Skylink can not be held responsible for the varied hotel.
12. Booking Conditions for Early Bird Bookings: -Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the Package Prices where Foreign Currency & Visa fees is involved. However, in case of Partial payments/installments, any increase in ROE /fees in between the payments dates, will be borne by the client while making an installment.

(C) Airline /Service Providers for Airtickets
1. The airfares the company has contracted with various airlines are non-refundable. The company shall in no circumstances whatsoever be liable to the client or any person travelling with him/her for the following reasons:
i) While all efforts would be made to accommodate members of a family traveling together in the same flight, depending upon the overall group size the company reserves the right to split the group into multiple airline for any departure.
ii) Failure on the part of airline to accommodate passenger despite having confirmed tickets.
iii) Change of flight timing or change of route with or without intimation.
iv) If in the event that the flight is over booked or cancelled for whatever reason and the client is not allowed/able to board the flight , the client shall not hold the company responsible for the same and no claim whatsoever can be made by client. All incidental expenses arising out of such situation will be payable by client.
v) Low cost airline do not provide meals on board.
vi) Airport taxes / airline development fees as applicable to be paid over & above tour cost should there be a rise post the printing of the brochure.
vii) Refund can not be guaranteed till it is not recovered or acknowledged by us (SKYLINK ) & we can not be liable to pay on our service provider's behalf unless amount has been credited to Skylink Travel Pvt Ltd.

Our Offers:
- Rates are subject to change without any notice (in case of hike in fuel price or due to any condition over which SkyLink has no control). Our Offered Rates are designed to give flexibility in creating holiday packages for travellers. FIT Accommodations & Optional Tours are modules for sale.
- Packages are not valid from 15 Dec 2015 till 15 Jan 2016 & Diwali Season, Long Weekends (unless specified). Extra /Mandatory Service Charges/hike in tariff are applied by service providers.
- These are only offers over which STPL will try its best to initiate the process of confirmation. This is not a booking or confirmation.

- Airfares/Bus Fares /Packages/Visa Fees/Transportation Charges are subject to change without any further notice. As SkyLink has no control over the Taxes fluctuation if any by the Govt of India/any ruling authority. The fares are given as per today‘s taxes & prevailing currency rates. Difference of Fare/Taxes if any at the time of endorsement/while actual booking shall be borne by the client.
- Extra Charges will be applied for higher category rooms.

Foreign Nationals:
- For Inbound /Foreign Nationals /USD /Euro Conversion: 1 USD=Rs. 63/- & 1 Euro=Rs.70 (This may fluctuate as per RBI rules).
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- Any incorrect names given by client is not our liability. It’s always advised to send us the copy of ID proofs. Valid ID proof should be carried in all Times during travelling.
- Itinerary is only a proposal about an activities/day wise plan/Tours/Excursions, All activities specified under itinerary as Tours& Excursions/Gondola/ Snorkeling , Kayaking , Rafting etc. can not be counted as included unless specified under inclusions. Timings & duration/distances mentioned in an itinerary is an approximate idea & Timings for Pickup/Drop/Sightseeing can be changeable by the service provider due to any reason over which STPL has no control.( Illustration – Late arrival of flight affecting the further tour services or transfer etc.)
- SkyLink’s role is to suggest Hotel/Misc. activities according to the budget & the requirement. Skylink can not be held responsible for any dislikes & interest once checked in/utilized. Budget/Economy/No Frill Packages are not suggested for Couple/Families. Further, STPL shall not be responsible for any loss, injury or damage resulting from acts of God, dangers, fire, breakdown of machinery, equipment or vehicles, acts of government authority, wars, civil disturbances, riots, thefts, epidemics, or any delays or irregularity or any changes including an extra expense which the passenger may incur as a result of any of the foregoing causes.
- Further, SkyLink does not operate nor own or control any means of transportation, sightseeing & accommodation & therefore cannot assume any liability of injury loss, damage, delay or accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused by defect in any vehicle or for any reason whatsoever, or through acts or default of any supplier or company or person engaged in carrying out the arrangements. Travel documents, including visas, as well as compliance with customs regulations, are the responsibility of the clients.
- We will not responsible or liable in case of loss of property or life at the hotel. Similarly any damages caused to the hotel rooms during your stay, shall be payable by clients and the company will not be liable for the same.
- We also or may act as a representative for particular DMC , if you are contacting STPL as the representative of Turkey Chalo or others, we are collecting only payment & delivering Travel Documents. We hold no responsibility for any operations/reservations or do not & will not act as Service Provider/Handling agents.

- Ratings are included for general information. The ratings do not necessarily reflect the same evaluation as ratings by other organisations.

Brochure Accuracy:
- Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of printing & quotimg the rates but we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions and reserve the right to vary, amend or cancel any of the arrangements featured in this tariff/brochure should we find such alterations necessary. We will of course do our best to inform you of changes, but prices may be subject to change without notice as well as ownership.
- The details and information included in the tariff are subject to change and all liability for loss, disappointment, negligence or other damage caused by this is hereby excluded.
- Exclusive place of Jurisdiction is Delhi, India.

*Reply to an email or Receiving a confirmation /an advance amount from your end automatically states its acceptance for an above mentioned T & C. Its a computer generated T & C for confirmation of package . THIS IS ONLY FOR YOUR REFERENCE.